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Flow Started as a playful exploration of handmade forms, an exercise to see how objects can take shape naturally and without force. Inspired by the idea of gravity determining the shape of an object. Through further study the soft delicate appearance of Flow was born and glass was a preferred choice for the material due to its delicate yet strong metriality.

The shade is formed by the liquid glass being draped over a handmade mold, naturally covering all the curves of the mold. The end result is a solid piece of glass that has the illusion of flexibility and movement. The shade is then secured in place by four machined aluminum knobs threaded into the base plate or straight into the wall. The outcome is a light that is simple to use and delicate in appearance. Bringing joy and playfulness into our interiors. Flow challenges the idea of uniformity, and emphasizes individuality. Each glass shade is different from the last and each one engages us in its own story.

Flow celebrates the idea of authenticity, balancing handmade craft with modern technology.

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